Service Overview

Shur Clean USA offers a wide range of services for your indoor or outdoor firing range.  From bullet trap inspection, basic cleaning, lead decontamination of shooting range surfaces, air flow evaluations, safely removing hazardous waste such as ventilation air filters, as well as complex decommissioning and demolition of old ranges.  We can make sure your indoor or outdoor bullet trap is up to manufacturer’s specifications.  We will inspect your firing range and make recommendations for future visits.


Service Items Offered: (but not limited too)

  • Visually inspect bullet trap per manufacturers specifications
  • Replace missing nuts, bolts & braces
  • HEPA vacuum intake vents
  • HEPA vacuum bullet trap
  • HEPA vacuum shooting range floor
  • Wet wipe shooter booths
  • Wet wipe horizontal & vertical surfaces in ready area
  • Wet wipe ceiling baffles
  • Wet wipe target tracks
  • Remove, replace & properly dispose of air filters
  • Remove all waste and place casings in drums
  • Decommission & demolish ranges & bullet traps
  • Conduct air flow & shooter exposure evaluations
  • Savage Snail System Maintenance
  • Check snail oil concentration
  • Empty front trough
  • Sludge removal from trough
  • Empty bullet trap & place bullets in drum


Firearm ammunition has unjacketed lead bullets or lead containing primers that generate lead dust and fumes.  Shooters, employees and anyone spending time at a gun range are exposed to these dangerous dusts and fumes.  Lead is a safety concern that must be considered by all gun range owners.  Call Shur Clean USA today at 855-DRY-ICE2 to learn more about our gun range cleaning or to schedule a free site walk-thru and proposal.






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